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About Hair-N-Motion


Hair-N-Motion LLc. was founded in 1999 and relaunched 2019 by Dominique Lunn. While serving at the Naval Academy and cutting hair on base Dominique decided to open a salon in Virginia and travel there on weekends to learn hands on how to be a major player in the beauty industry. Fast Forward to 2019, Hair-N-Motion LLc. consists of a Hair Salon, Beauty & Fashion Magazine, Beauty Shows, Fashion Shows, Advance Classes, & A Design Team. Hair-N-Motion is one of the most sought after companies when it comes to getting the job done. Hair-N-Motion is reliable, consistent, innovative, creative, and trendsetting after 20 years and counting of doing buisness in the beauty industry! Hair-N-Motion office is located in Va. and a upscale salon in Queens, N.Y.


Dominique Bio - Ask Master Barber & Hair Artist Dominique Lunn why he does hair and he'll answer swiftly and simply, "LOVE & PASSION." Those two simple words sum up why, as an Interior Communication Technician for the US Navy, Dominique, without prior hairstyling training, gained a reputation for giving the base cuts on base. It was at that time he realized his talent for hairstyling. Fast Forward through many years of classes, training, & his first styling of row curls and a straw set that was "A Hot Mess," and Dominique is now one of the top stylists in the nation. He has toured with Global Ambassador for John Paul Mitchell Systems Floyd Kenyatta & renowned Master Beauty Expert Barry Fletcher and is also the owner of Hair-N-Motion LLc.

One of five children, Dominique grew up in Flushing Queens, N.Y. Dominique saw his path as a hairstylist paved early. From wanting to have the most waves in his hair to being a neat freak. He always was concern about his image. That attribute lends to what inspires him TODAY! I love making the average person look Fabulous!

Dominique has come a long way from his little corner in the world called Queens, N.Y. Having served his country for 8 years he has lived all over the globe including his favorite vacation spots London and Italy. "Traveling around the world gives me inspiration for styling I never knew I could have. People and their cultures vary from region to region and I fine beauty in all of their worlds.

As a stylist specializing in hair care and precision cuts & color, Dominique most memorable accomplishments professionally was opening his first salon, winning competitions, and traveling to London, not to vacation, but to do what he loves to do - HAIR.

Much of his success can be credited to his likeable personality and his ability to make and maintain key relationships in this highly competitive field. His mentors are Floyd Kenyatta, Barry Fletcher, Larry Messenberg, Keith Cephus, & Glynn Jackson. Of his spiritual leader, Bishop B. Courtney McBath, Dominique says, I've learned so much from attending his church (Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk, Va.) that I can't believe it myself. I went from not truely knowing who I was to being on the path of finding my purpose and what it is that GOD wants me to do.

Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you HIGHER!

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